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Podiatry FAQ

We prefer that you contact our reception staff on (03) 9776 1600 to schedule, change or cancel appointments.

A confirmation text message is sent out to confirm all appointments two days prior. If for whatever reason you are unable to attend your appointment please let us know via return text or contact our clinic on 9776 1600, 24 hours prior to your appointment time so that we can offer your appointment to other waiting patients.  If you fail to attend an appointment or make a late cancellation (less than 2 hours prior to the appointment), you may then be charged a cancellation fee.

You do not require a referral to see one of our podiatrists, you can simply schedule an appointment. If you have private health insurance we can process this on the day of your appointment and you will pay the gap fee. If you have been referred to one of our podiatrists, please ensure you bring your referral letter with you. Veterans’ Affairs, WorkCover and TAC patients require a referral.

If you have previously consulted another Health Care Provider about your condition, have had investigations, such as an X-Ray, MRI, CT or have had blood tests, please bring copies of these results with you.

If you are seeing a Podiatrist regarding footwear, please bring relevant shoes with you.

Yes, parking is available.

All patients are required to settle their account on the day of their consultation. Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard and Amex are accepted.

Patient Care will not be discussed via email. This is not only a medico-legal requirement, it also ensures that patients receive the appropriate time and care from Practitioners.

The day before your consultation, we will send out a ‘reminder SMS’ to confirm your appointment, if you do not provide us with a mobile number, you may wish to call our reception staff to confirm your appointment.

Yes, we do treat WorkCover and TAC Patients. WorkCover and TAC Patients will be charged private fees and will need to claim the cost of consultation back from their Employer, WorkCover insurer or the TAC. In some situations, this may result in a gap between our fees and the amount refunded by the Employer/WorkCover insurer/ the TAC.

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